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Family Law, Estate Planning & Probate Administration2022-12-29T02:55:29+03:00

Family Law, Estate Planning & Probate Administration

Our Family Law specialists are at the vanguard of family law matters and provide service to both local and international clients. We understand that family issues can be difficult for those involved. Therefore, we approach each case with the openness and care due to such trying issues, offering personalized guidance and assistance.

Our team’s depth of experience, expertise and professionalism enable us to provide a first-class service and offers timely and actionable guidance. We take the time to listen to our clients, understand all aspects of a client’s case thoroughly, and assist clients in identifying realistic and favorable solutions, guiding clients systematically and kind-heartedly during what can be a difficult period for them and their children. At all times, we ensure that the advocate you deal with is the right match for your specific situation, helping you find the most practical and effective solution during this difficult time.

The negotiation and resolution of complex family law settlements involving corporate and property law are major part of our practice. Our service is aimed at reaching an outcome that is suitable for all parties. Therefore, we employ all appropriate avenues to negotiate the best possible outcome, including family dispute resolutionmediationarbitration and if necessary, litigation.

Our experienced team has an extensive background in family law cases of varying complexities. Our team can advise you from the first stages of getting together, through to children issues, domestic abuse, financial issues and the breakdown of a relationship.

Therefore, whether you are looking for:

  • drafting of prenuptial or cohabitation agreements;
  • mediation of a family dispute and property settlements;
  • maintenance and financial agreements, child support, alimony agreements, parental responsibility agreements;
  • local and international adoptions;
  • local or international child abduction;
  • custody, legal guardianship or child fostering arrangements;
  • judicial separation or divorce;
  • drafting of domestic and foreign wills, or codicils;
  • set up of family trusts,

our team will always listen and handle your case with the utmost privacy. We work with a network of trusted specialists to assist us with elements such as forensic accountancy, private investigation, financial planning and wealth management to help support your case.

Probate is the legal process of validating a deceased’s will and carrying out the administration of the deceased’s estate. When there is no legal will,estate is settled according to intestacy laws set out under the Law of Succession Act (Cap 160 of the Laws of Kenya). Probate ensures that the deceased’s assets, including property, is transferred according to the deceased’s will or the intestacy laws.

Therefore, when a person who resides in Kenya or foreigner dies with assets in Kenya, the beneficiaries or next of kin are not able to deal with such assets without a grant of probate or letter of administration being produced. Financial institutions like bank or insurers may not release funds or sum assured, Companies registries will not agree to the sale, or transfer shares and the Land Office will not allow any dealing with property without a grant of probate or letter of administration being produced by the claimant.



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