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Prejudicial Dispositions: Remedies Available To Creditors As A Result Of Prejudicial Dispositions By Debtors

WHAT ARE PREJUDICIAL DISPOSITIONS? This refers to a disposition of land either by sale, charge, transfer, partition, exchange, assignment, surrender or a lease by a debtor who is unable to pay its creditors in an attempt to delay or defeat the exercise by his creditors of any right of recourse to that land. Rampant [...]

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Security of Personal Data: Lessons from the Huduma Number Court Decision

In the world we live in today, data has become quite a crucial commodity with immeasurable capabilities that cannot be overlooked. Data protection compliance is increasingly becoming a key requirement to transactions across the globe, due to the potential risks involved in handling personal data. This is applicable to both private and public person [...]

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Sectional Properties Act

Pursuant to a notice issued by the Ministry of Lands and Planning (“MOLPP”) on 9th May 2021, long term leases supported by architectural drawings shall no longer be registered with effect from 10th May, 2021. The Sectional Properties Act, 2020 (“the Act”) requires conversion of all long term leases intended to confer ownership of apartments, flats, [...]

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